Be it compensation for accidents, inheritance issues, the preparation of a will, or a case of debt collection, Civil Law lies at the centre of our profession. We operate in all aspects of Civil Law, and can look back on a large number of successful court cases.



Since the foundation of our Firm, we have specialised in matrimonial law. One of our lawyers works almost exclusively with Maître Reding in the area of divorce, advising on such issues as custody, contestation, or paternity suits.

Similarly, our firm has become increasingly involved in questions of guardianship, be it for children or adults, in recent years.



We will assist with any administrative affairs, and we regularly lead litigation against the State, Communes or other Public bodies, in front of administrative courts as well as Tribunals concerned with civil law. These affairs could be purely administrative (Planning permission, commodo-incommodo, subsidies), about the civil service (disciplinary action against civil servants), or fiscal issues.



Labour law is second to none in terms of complexity and formality in Luxembourg. Thus, it is especially in this area where legal advice is widely needed, be it in formulating work contracts, in avoiding errors in the termination of these contracts, or, form the point of view of the employee, in detecting and tackling illegitimate termination.

This area also includes our assistance with formal interviews which could lead to disciplinary sanctions or termination of contract, as well as the defence of civil servants in disciplinary processes.